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Uaya Botanicals SLEEP CBD Tincture (THC FREE) 1500mg

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The optimal starting dose is half a dropper and up to a full one if necessary.


Requires shaking before consumption. 1-2 hours before bedtime, place under the tongue for up to a minute, then swallow

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Uaya Botanicals SLEEP CBD Tincture (THC FREE) 1500mg

Uaya Botanicals SLEEP CBD Tincture is a mixture that contains CBD oil, melatonin, as well as other ingredients to help you sleep better at night. CBD tinctures such as this are excellent at combating insomnia, as well as providing a full and refreshing sleep. Other ingredients likewise help with mental conditions without inducing a psychedelic high.

The 99% oil used in this blend helps reduce anxiety, stress, swelling and skin issues. Melatonin is the hormone that essentially tells you when to sleep. Other ingredients help with various problems, from bone issues to hyperactivity and nervous disorders. Check with customer service to learn the complete spectrum.


If you’d like a few bottles of this stuff ASAP, online dispensary AllbudSupply can deliver it in a few days. It depends on where you reside in the country, but our service is generally swift and discreet.

4 reviews for Uaya Botanicals SLEEP CBD Tincture (THC FREE) 1500mg

  1. Arnie Mazo

    This is exactly what I needed to improve my long standing sleep issues. I have experienced better quality sleep with more recuperative deep and rem sleep. All this and no prescription medication.

  2. Trina Rundgren

    Been using CBD for pain management for a while now and its been great but sleep is still interrupted so this tincture has been awesome. Good nights sleep finally.

  3. Lauren

    I’ve tried lots of different CBD products , so far liking this one the best.

  4. DMC

    It works, and is very easy to use. With gummies, I find the dose difficult to manage when cutting them, because they obviously aren’t evenly blended. Using the oil, I have found even results each time.

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