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Sugar Jacks CBD 300mg

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One pack has 300mg of CBD, divided between 10 candies.

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Sugar Jacks CBD 300mg are cannabis-infused candies rich in CBD oil. These are made with the usual ingredients used in creating gummies. However, their condition as CBD edibles makes them incredibly beneficial as medical products. They provide a wealth of health benefits without actually getting you high. There are no recreationally psychedelic effects.

In terms of the way these were made, you can expect only the typical candy stuff, including artificial colouring and flavouring. The good news is that the CBD content isn’t as striking, and you might not even notice it. There are 9 different flavours to choose from.

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1 review for Sugar Jacks CBD 300mg

  1. ZeeG

    Had one before bed last night and it was nice. The flavour is alright, kind of a weedy after taste but not bad at all. Felt really relaxed after

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