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Strawberry Crack Strain | Buy Weed Online

(18 customer reviews)



The strain is a blend of Strawberry Snow Cone and Green Crack sorts of marijuana.

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Strawberry Crack Strain

Strawberry Crack is a strain of cannabis with a relatively high content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – at up to 28%. It’s a hybrid created by crossing ‘Strawberry Snow Cone’ and ‘Green Crack’ – two other strains. Because of this mix, the flavor is reminiscent of a slightly skunky strawberry.

In terms of positive effects, it’ll provide you with a creative sort of buzz, as well as good ol’ euphoria and extra energy. For this reason, it’s also great for treating pain, tiredness, stress, depressiveness, spasms and other similar problems. Beginners should be dissuaded from using it, however, as the high THC content can be detrimental to one’s mood.

Get your own piece of Strawberry Crack now – with fair prices and outstanding client support.

Flavors: Strawberry, Skunk
Effects: Chronic Fatigue, Euphoric, energetic, pain relieving
Medical: Muscle Spasms, Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Depression
Potency: 21-28% THC Content

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18 reviews for Strawberry Crack Strain | Buy Weed Online

  1. camellips

    My first order from WCS. Nice aroma.
    Happy, Happy

  2. Didi420420

    Love the sweet taste of it and nice relaxing buzz

  3. Melissa Davies

    Amazing strain. Definitely would get again.

  4. Dancann

    Tasty stuff smells sweet and creeps up on you nice buzz

  5. Daniel

    Good stuff. Ordered more than once.

  6. Eva Wilson

    One of my all time favourite sativas and incredibly hard to find any where. Light and fluffy very sweet smell and taste, smooth hits and a relaxing high, will definitely be buying until it’s unavailable

  7. Ky

    Smooth, light flavor smoke with a get busy high. Great daytime smoke

  8. Scott Manuel

    Amazing smooth smoke very good buzz. The bud looked amazing!! These buds felt and tasted very fresh I really recommend

  9. Pinksen21

    Decent appearance. Overall not bad. Decent little buzz for a freebie.

  10. Wayne Yu

    This strain made me cough a bit more than others (pun intended!)
    It’s still a good strain and has slight fruity taste.

  11. Chill174

    Smells delicious, nice buds.

  12. @canna.bloom

    Sweet fruity tasting and smelling. Great stuff.

  13. Highflyingheron9219

    Nice taste and smell the buzz is not bad.

  14. Karly Tessier

    Smells amazing fresh. Taste is fruity and strong, a gives a nice mellow high. Would definitely purchase again!

  15. Tom Hodgins

    Such a fan of this, I will order again. Smells and tastes great. Nice sativa, non-drowsy buzz in my experience.

  16. Mark Anderson

    Extremely purple in appearance, and very uplifting.

  17. RyanGreen

    I’ve always been a big fan of green crack, this is an excellent blend. Made my weekend relaxing

  18. Jenny

    This is a relaxing strain for me. I enjoyed and will be buying this again.

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