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Sky Extracts THC/CBD Capsules

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Sky Extracts THC/CBD Capsules come in a pack of 5 tablets containing a CBD/THC blend. Each capsule contains both types of cannabis extract, as well as a little amount of coconut oil for flavor. You may utilize it in many different ways, including eating. THC concentration makes them suitable for getting high, however CBD oil is beneficial to your health.

Each pack is available in three sizes: 50mg, 125mg, and 250mg. As a result, you may customize your experience as you like. If you want to know exactly how these will affect you, you may contact Sky Extracts or our customer service.

AllbudSupply has been in the industry for more than 25 years. We are delighted to offer some of the best cannabis in America at a very reasonable price.

12 reviews for Sky Extracts THC/CBD Capsules

  1. Dallas Chamberlin

    I got the 10mg THC/CBD dose. It was nice, the lower dose doesn’t hit too hard but helps to relax and get a good night’s sleep, which is what I wanted.

  2. 555danl

    I got the 50mg THC/CBD dose. It was nice dose Doesn’t hit too hard but helps to relax which is exactly what I wanted.

  3. Dancann

    Love the combo great for muscle pain after or even before a workout

  4. EastCoast4Life

    Took a couple of these not thinking I would feel much because it’s 50/50 thc and cbd but the effects were better and faster hitting than any other edible I’ve had before. Great to chill/stress relief and great for sleep too. Plus the price is on point. 10/10 enjoy

  5. Dancann

    These are good because they can take the edge off and good for people with a low tolerance my girl uses it for cramps

  6. Charlene Dugan

    I was doubtful of these as my tolerance is pretty high with edibles. When I received them as a bonus with an order I tried 2 25mg THC/CBD cap before bed after a very high anxiety couple of days.
    Woke up this morning with no pain, still feeling very mellow, which is greatly appreciated.
    I will be purchasing these from now on.

  7. EastCoast4Life

    Reordered these and they are my favourite thc/cbd edible product. So good for stress and for sleep. Clean feeling and they take effect quick so you feel the effects… Another great experience.

  8. Patricia Gooyers

    perfect for day time not to strong

  9. JimmieR

    25 mg dose is super potent.. my wife felt the effects for 6 hours off one tab… will be ordering the lower dose next time for her to try.. super impressive potency for a 50/50 tab

  10. Bobbygus

    5* – very helpful for back pain & sleep issues
    Would like to see more capsules per pkg

  11. Notme

    I will buy this again.

  12. lesbo123

    I love it! Perfect after a day of shoveling, great effect !

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