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Sky Extracts CBD Capsules

(9 customer reviews)


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Sky Extracts CBD Capsules are lab-tested capsules that include CBD oil together with coconut oil. You have a choice of three distinct volumes: 50mg total, 125mg total, or 250mg total. Each packet comprises 5 tablets, each of which has a variety of health advantages. Consider contacting Sky Extracts or our customer service for more information on this product and its qualities.

AllbudSupply has been selling cannabis for more than 25 years. Throughout this period, we have maintained to provide the best cannabis at a reasonable price.

9 reviews for Sky Extracts CBD Capsules

  1. 555danl

    Good quality. Tried 10mg and 25mg doses. 25mg is good for my anxiety and pain relief. Would recommend!!

  2. Birdzgirl

    I’ve used the 50mg it’s helped with sleep anxiety and joint pain, works great!!

  3. Birdzgirl

    Love these just wish they weren’t so pricey and more to a package!!

  4. DMC

    These are very convenient and effective. I like the 1:1, but sometimes I want a higher amount of CBD or just pure. The options and price are easy enough that I can tailor my intake at whim.

  5. Ky

    Easy to swallow

  6. Dancann

    Got to love these fast acting for me

  7. Geraint Jones

    Nice packaging. Easy-to-swallow capsules. Helped ease my anxiety and improved my mood.

  8. nessy

    Easy to swallow and effective. Cute packaging. Wish there were more capsules in the package, as each doesn’t last me long.

  9. drednot

    Good start for the day

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