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Shimmer THC Cartridges – 1000mg

(104 customer reviews)


One cartridge contains 1000mg of THC, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

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Shimmer THC Cartridges 1000mg contain a pure THC distillate. You can choose between the extracts from several dozen distinct cannabis varieties – they differ in effects and flavor, which allows you to tweak this product exactly to your preference.

You can use these substances to load various smoking devices with precision and convenience. They are extremely well-made, and you’ll find it a great alternative to the classic way of smoking cannabis.

If you need a few of these ASAP, you’ll be pleased to know that AllbudSupply delivery service can get this stuff to you within mere days.

Strains available:

Apple Fritter – Indica
Banana Kush – Hybrid
Blueberry – Indica
Blue Dream – Sativa
Bubble Gum – Indica
Candy Cane – Indica
Cherry Pie – Indica
Cola – Hybrid
Cotton Candy – Hybrid
Fruit Burst – Sativa
Jack Herer – Sativa
Gelato – Hybrid
Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid
Granddaddy Purple – Indica
Grape Ape – Indica
Granddaddy Purple – Indica
Green Crack – Sativa
Gorilla Glue #4 – Hybrid
Mango Haze – Sativa
Maui Wowie – Sativa
Pina Colada – Hybrid
Pineapple – Hybrid
Pink Lemonade – Hybrid
Red Cream Soda – Hybrid
Tahoe Og – Hybrid
Tangie – Sativa
Tropical Starburst – Indica
Watermelon – Indica

104 reviews for Shimmer THC Cartridges – 1000mg

  1. Chrisc8

    Tastes great. Great stone.

  2. jeremy

    This is an amazing product for the distillate lover! Green Crack is definitely my favourite Shimmer product thus far! I definitely recommend it if it’s in stock! Pretty popular item!

  3. jeremy

    This was my first time trying the Northern lights but I was not disappointed at all! Great taste and a hybrid type buzz that was quite enjoyable! I recommend it and will buy it again for sure!

  4. Kgreer

    Loved the Blueberry… Great cartridge will buy again…

  5. 555danl

    Great product just be sure to order a battery mod. Love the quick high. Just wish it would last longer.

  6. Sylver59

    I ordered the Blue Dream and love the taste and high but my lungs they do protest.

  7. sarbrowne

    Pina Colado was sweet & nice, but GG#4 was a delightful surprise, (reminded me of Northern Lights.)

  8. Chevygirl1498

    Super tasty and so convenient!

  9. 555danl

    Still looking for a good flavour tried skittles 6-10 and cotton candy even less at 4-10 for flavour. Nice effects!!

  10. Sylver59

    Just tried both the Jack Herer and Sour Diesel and my lungs had no problems with either. I enjoy the taste and the convenience is a revelation!

  11. Luke Tookalook

    Very pleasant to smoke and potent, tastes great with different flavors. Superb. Helpful if you have insomnia

  12. 555danl

    5 stars ⭐️ for the high
    ………………………Not so much for the Pina Colado flavour 4-10. I’ll keep trying to find the right flavour. Will definitely order again.

  13. Kelcy Beirnes

    I love these. Great deal and outstanding taste on many, like Blueberry, Pina Colada and Candy Cane. Zero complaints, highly recommended!

  14. Luke Tookalook

    They taste pretty much exactly what they name for, I’ve tried watermelon, skittle, fuzzy peaches, champagne, fruity pebbles, pine colada, candy cane, bleu dream and sour gummy worms, their just amazing to smoke. Yummy.

  15. lisa dunne

    i had the fuzzy peach one and it’s so good! smells great too and the highs are very nice!

  16. Kyla Strong

    So smooth and flavourful. This is a great on the go option.

  17. Chevygirl1498

    So convenient! My first battery mod started to die, I contacted the team and was pleasantly surprised with the offer of a replacement. Fantastic service!!!

  18. Ky

    Pineapple was smooth & lightly sweet with very little smell

  19. Ky

    Fuzzy Peach was nice. Flavorful but the smoke is very noticeable

  20. richard laframboise

    Cartridge and product are top notch. You feel secure that you have a good product with the seal and craftsmanship that went into the design of the tank for the distillate that was well enjoyed. A smooth taste and smoke with a light flavorful aftertaste. I would highly recommend the Gelato to anyone that enjoys a heady yet relaxing high.

  21. richard laframboise

    Spicey, smooth, flavorful vape. The tank is well constructed providing quality distillate for a long time. I’ve always enjoyed Jack Herer and will continue using it as a goto strain of choice. I find that its useful when helping to unwind after a hard days work when my chronic pain begins to sink into my muscles. Jack Herer is a great way to mellow out and let some of that pain melt away and fade into the background.

  22. Jeremy

    Good strong high for me. Put me back In the couch. Taste great. Would buy again

  23. Pat Long

    First time vaping oils. So easy and convenient to use and watermelon flavour was delicious.

  24. Erniefrench

    So much flavor

  25. Erniefrench

    Ohh yummy

  26. Pat Long

    Delicious to the end.


    Flavor of this cart is on point, delicious and great results. Nice and smooth draws. Overall great product.

  28. Newfiegirl

    Love! Quick and easily accessible on the go. Just ordered another 1

  29. davesnothome

    Great flavor with a strong high. I’ve tried quite a few brands now and Shimmer are the best cartdidges as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never had any plugs in their cartridges so no sticky lips!! Not once!

  30. jonathan482

    The flavor was really good and the high exceptional with the terpenes.

  31. Unreal11

    It was awesome, great taste, great high. Plan to order more for sure.

  32. halsey hislop

    Loved it! Great high and lasting, ordering another now!

  33. thetrashheap

    Fancy box. Great high.

  34. Robfin

    I literally gasped when i opened the package it was so beautiful! Not only was it beautiful, it was fucking delicious. It actually tasted like real blueberry. Im so psyched i have a few more flavours to try

  35. Robfin

    The packaging was so beautiful, my dad called it “a work of art”. Ordered sweet peach and blueberry and both were absolutely delicious

  36. Robfin

    After trying a few different cartridges from different brands i still keep leaning towards shimmer. The taste is delicious, sweet peach to me tasted like pez and blueberry tasted exactly like blueberry . Amazing packaging, effortless hits. I can’t wait to try their whole lineup

  37. Heather Chang

    love these carts!! these are a true connoisseurs dream! gives you a mellow but euphoric high with a slight dreamy effect! definitely great for going out or staying in a throwing on some dub! can’t say no to these perfect high perfect cart for all occasions!

  38. Jenriess

    I have been trying all the bulk cartridges. Shimmer has been amazing. Has not clogged no matter if lying the cartridge down or not.

  39. Jenriess

    I have been trying all the bulk cartridges. Shimmer has been amazing. Has not clogged no matter if lying the cartridge down or not.
    The cartridges really do have the taste of the flavor you are ordering. Even the pina colda tastes like coconut. I have tried boost , northern lights and shimmer out of the bulk. So far my order to buy would be. Shimmer. Then boost. And lastly northern lights. I can’t wait to try all the flavors of shimmer.

  40. Robfin

    Received another order and this time I got Jack Herer… Pink lemonade. Jack hair was a little harsh and to me tasted kind of like synthetic doll hair lol but had a decent time and the pink lemonade was very pleasant… As per usual love the look of the cartridges and they look really nice on my matte black new battery

  41. nessy

    The Gelato strain from Shimmer is delicious. You can smell and taste the sweet, creamy flavour. The vape is smooth and easy to inhale. Highly recommended.

  42. Robfin

    Sour gummy worms really does taste like lemon lime. I enjoyed the flavour as it wasn’t too overpowering and gave me a good high

  43. Robfin

    I figured that red cream soda was a risky choice it could have been really good or really bad and i am happy to say it tasted exactly like cream soda! It was quite smooth and easy to inhale

  44. Robfin

    I am almost through shimmer line up of cartridges and tangie was a bit of a miss for me. The taste was okay but not as nice as most of the others and i found it harsher

  45. Highflyingheron9219

    I got my cart but it was clogged and couldn’t take a pull off of it

  46. Marco

    Great taste. Got the red cream side and it Reminds me of pop shop drinks.

  47. Marco

    Fruit bursts taste just like the name. It’s one to try

  48. Cheri.k

    Highly recommend the Shimmer line.
    The flavors are sweet, and taste like the name.
    So far my favorite flavors are: Sweet Peach, Fruit Burst, and Gelato

  49. Tamara Oliver

    Shimmer cartridges are the best ones I bought, every other brand I tried is plugged all the time or leaks

  50. Marco

    Best cartridges going. Got Sunset sherbet. Taste really good with a good kick

  51. Marco

    The cheese was surprisingly good. Better then expected

  52. Marco

    The apple fritter was good, strong apple taste

  53. Marco

    If u like Pineapple try one!

  54. Marco

    The sweet peach taste amazing. They taste just like the peach ring candy’s

  55. Marco

    Got a few more. Best tasting carts going. Red cream soda is my new fav.

  56. Marco

    Tryed the super lemon haze. Was really good I’d buy again

  57. Marco

    Tryed candy cane it was so good taste just like peppermint.

  58. Marco

    Got a sunset sherbet, tastes really good. Taste just like the weed strain

  59. Marco

    If u like peach get sweet peach it’s mouth watering

  60. Rebecca Billard

    Love the look and mouthpiece helps stop clogging! The flavor is amazing on mango,I also bought gummy worm, and Tangie, Tangie is decent and I haven’t tried gummy worm but the reviews make me excited about it. Very pleasant buzz and very amazing taste on that mango one so far. I think I found my go-to cartridges

  61. Megan Moores

    Doesn’t get me as high as most cartridges; and tends to clog a lot and seems to burn faster, not lasting long like they usually do.

  62. Erniefrench

    Definitely will have to get these again

  63. Erniefrench

    Great flavor good buzz

  64. Erniefrench

    Will buy again for sure

  65. Jason

    Very nice flavor!

  66. Jason

    Very nice flavor, will buy again!

  67. Jason

    Nice flavor

  68. Jason

    Good flavor, will buy again

  69. Jason

    Nice and smooth; good flavor, will buy again!

  70. Luke Sanford

    I will never buy any other cartridge ever again since I tried the shimmer

  71. Erniefrench

    Tastes good right to last puff
    Amazing flavor

  72. Marley Peterkin

    I got the pink lemonade and it was pretty good. Tasted good and made me a bit drowsy

  73. Marco

    Tryed the Maui wowie, really enjoyed the taste, will buy again

  74. Marco

    Fruit burst is one to try

  75. Marco

    Nice taste but very strong weed smell if ur trying to be discreet

  76. ZeeG

    I got the pink lemonade and I really enjoyed it. It was super tasty and smooth. Trying a different strain next time

  77. Chill174

    Bubble gum actually tastes like the old Bazooka Joe gum.

  78. Marco

    The Maui Wowie is really smooth and tasty

  79. Marco

    The Fruit Burst is one of the fruitiest tasting cartridge

  80. Marco

    The Orange cookies was really good.

  81. Marco

    The Cherry Pie tastes just like the weed. It’s a good one to try if u like a more weedy taste one

  82. Marc-Andre Beaudoin

    Smooth & Tasty

  83. Marco

    Best cartridges u will ever try.

  84. Marco

    Pretty much tryed every flavour now. Haven’t had one cartridge leak nor clog up.

  85. MissPuffs23

    Very smooth , strong , the taste was great , and I can’t get over how shinny it was . Very fancy I will be buying more ! Fast shipping as well too

  86. W. Perkins

    Amazing product. Clean draw and amazing effect. Only downside is the cartridge began a slow leak at a certain point, with some concentrate coming up through the draw tube. But would still order again!

  87. W. Perkins

    What an amazing product. Glorious effect, absolutely gorgeous. Would definitely order again.


    Another great Shimmer offering is the Fruit Burst…What a flavorful hit one gets!! Great buzz…will continue to buy Shimmer tanks for sure!!

  89. Sir_G

    Tastes OK. Works well.

  90. Pico62

    Jack Herer Good taste and not too strong in the throat

  91. Pico62

    Amnesia Haze excellent product and good effect

  92. Pico62

    Maui Wowie excellent product and very good taste

  93. Pico62

    Raw excellent product and very good taste and very good effect

  94. ZeeG

    These carts seem to be high quality compared to some others. I tried the Tangie and it tasted great

  95. Antoine Bourbeau-Malo

    Taste good!

  96. thetrashheap

    Good flavor but not as effective as some other vapes.

  97. thetrashheap

    The Maui wowie is the best one so far.

  98. jeebjeeb

    Great taste. Nice high.

  99. Hayley Steele

    But I found when it got warm and I knock it over and forget, I notice the amount decreases, well, maybe not the amount but the hoots.
    I don’t care got the test either.

  100. Morning

    Good quality cart, gets the job done.

  101. Chill174

    Best carts I’ve found

  102. Cris Larson

    This is the best evening pen

  103. beth222

    I liked it

  104. W. Perkins

    Quite amazingly lovely. Great taste and a really balanced effect.

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