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Satan’s Bride AAA

(10 customer reviews)


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Buy Strain of Satan’s Bride

Satan’s Bride is a fairly potent marijuana strain with a THC concentration of 20%. It’s a hybrid strain, although it largely resembles an Indica strain. Aside from that, it is famous for its rich taste with citrus undertones. This cannabis is mostly used to relax and soothe.

The effects provide a good jolt as well as a deep calming sensation throughout your body. There is also some mood enhancement, but you will soon have an overpowering sensation of drowsiness and tiredness. Furthermore, it has several medicinal applications against a wide range of nerve diseases.

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Flavours: Citrus, Sour, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
Effects: Body High, Calming, Uplifting, Happy, Relaxing
Medical: Anxiety, Mood Swings, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
Potency: 20% average THC Content

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10 reviews for Satan’s Bride AAA

  1. Justus5

    This bud was one of my freebies this purchase. The bud was nice and dense, sparkly and fairly red. However add stated sedative yet stimulating high, and I found it neither. It is a smooth smoke, good taste, but just not the hit I was looking for.

  2. Patricia Gooyers

    great taste smooth smoke

  3. Dann3266

    Got some of this as a free gift & it’s a super chill high. I’d definitely buy again.

  4. Chill174

    Nice citrus smell

  5. Link211

    Was alright smoke. Would get this again my favourite one was Lemon cookies but they don’t have anymore atm. Which is sad.

  6. bcaves

    Was a nice smooth smoke and high. Very relaxing and slowly creeps up on you. Would definitely get again.

  7. Hayley Steele

    I love the name!
    The taste was not to overwhelming
    But I did have a cough!
    It was a great high.

  8. Gabriel Chabot-Gagné

    The buds are perfect, just like my ex.

  9. Jenny

    It was a very nice, calm, and relaxing high, not overpowering. Good for newer pot smokers.

  10. thetrashheap

    Pretty gentle.

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