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Rockstar Tuna AAA

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Rockstar Tuna Strain | Buy Online Weed

Rockstar Tuna is a cannabis strain that is a cross between the ‘Tuna Kush’ and ‘Rockstar Kush’ strains. It’s a hybrid strain with a high percentage of Indica (90%) buds. It’s noteworthy for its aroma, which is a combination of traditional berry, fruit, and skunk.

Euphoria will immediately set in, followed by happiness, hunger, relaxation, and, finally, a lot of tiredness and sleep. With a large THC content estimated at 26%, these effects can be rather strong. There are also several health advantages, particularly against stress, inflammation, appetite loss, and other issues.

You may get Rockstar Tuna from our online dispensary right now. We provide very reasonable rates and prompt delivery.

Flavors: Fruity, Grape, Skunky, Sour, Spicy, Sweet
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting
Medical: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Inflammation, Stress
Potency: 19-26% THC Content


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31 reviews for Rockstar Tuna AAA

  1. Rattyfay

    Thought I would try the Death Bubba. Totally love it. Sticky dense buds,great taste and good couch lock

  2. Rattyfay

    Just got another order. This stuff rocks kids!!!

  3. rebkavod

    One of the best quads.

  4. Ann

    Nice solid buds, can be a little catchy on the throat but great relaxing high…slight note of the fish when you open the bag but doesn’t transfer to the taste…awesome bud for only AA rating well worth it

  5. Caitlin

    One of the best 2A’s for sure.
    Large dense buds and great taste and high. Nice and mellow. Definitely Recommend

  6. Ann

    Back for another Oz while it’s in stock…great smoke with a nice taste an awesome deal for a AA!

  7. DKultra1

    ROCKSTAR TUNA AA – Fall 2020 Batch –
    Doesn’t look impressive to be honest.
    Then you leave it for a week or so, dip into the bag when your other stuff runs out, and realize that this bag, is just as good as the Sensi-Star AA, so it’s pretty good for AA priced bud.
    Seems to be a very visually stimulating high, which is like for art & creative purposes.
    Definitely worth the price,
    just looks unimpressive as bud when it shows up.

  8. daveq

    Couch lock high, def a mellow evening smoke. Agreed that it doesn’t look that impressive, a little leafy, but the potency has me coming back for more!

  9. Richard333

    Very tasty. Good for daytime smoking

  10. Annalenanzl

    Decent for the value

  11. dandy_cakes

    Nice and gassy with a bit of sweetness lil harsh

  12. Zigidou

    Bon buzz et beau .. mais pas dans mes préférés pour le goût
    Good buzz and nice weed… but its not in my prefered for the taste

  13. Tracy-Ann Beyer

    Pleasantly surprised despite micro buds excellent smoke for price point!

  14. Mark Anderson

    Love this stuff , nice dense buds

  15. Ky

    Not the greatest looking although the buds were dense. Had a bad smell and aftertaste for me though. Still a good high.

  16. Pinksen21

    Really good for a freebie. free 1/4

  17. Chill174

    Good old Rockstar won’t let you down.

  18. Jaynej

    One of my favs nice smooth taste

  19. Shelley Marsh

    love the looks and taste the buzz is good

  20. Chill174

    Big solid buds, good smoke

  21. Misty Schell

    I found this strain left me with a headache and didn’t offer much more of a high than AA strains do. Doesn’t fluff up much but overall it was good bud!

  22. Chill174

    Always a winner.

  23. Obie316

    Very nice smoke very nice smoke

  24. Robert333

    Nice big buds

  25. M K

    huge nugs, great product everytime

  26. MN

    Good strain, burned well, liked the taste.

  27. Danick Leclaire

    This is a SPECIAL Strain you have to try this one

  28. Danick Leclaire

    Very good

  29. Danick Leclaire

    That a perfect strain good taste spécial hight tadte fishi !!

  30. Rachel Mailhot

    Nice looking buds

  31. Katie Dupuis

    Love it

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