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Pegasus THC Cartridges – 1000mg

(34 customer reviews)


1000mg THC per Pegasus Cartridge with wide selection of your favourite marijuana strain tastes. Save 25% off your first order at Westcoastsupply!

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34 reviews for Pegasus THC Cartridges – 1000mg

  1. Hoopsi

    I tried the “trainwreck”, its fantastic. Dank and skunky great flavor. Love the cartridge packaging and the draw off it is wonderful. Will definitely order this again.

  2. Marco

    Taste great. Cant go wrong choosing Pegasus. Good cartridges

  3. halsey hislop

    Great quality, definitely will order again!

  4. halsey hislop

    Great quality, definitely gonna order it again!

  5. Stalitic

    I bought 1 northern light co cart, 1 boost cart and 1 Pegasus cart. The Pegasus cart is the only one that made smoke without having to take a 10 second pull. These are probably the best carts on this website. 5 stars.

  6. Silver742

    Bought three different brands off carts this was the best one.

  7. thetrashheap

    Not my favorite flavor but the cartridge works really well.

  8. Robfin

    I ordered candyland, sunset sherbet, and gelato. I just ripped through candyland and it did have a hint of a fruity taste while sunset sherbet tastes more like an oatmeal cookie, or a hint of coconut I cant quite put my finger on it. I liked the cartridges I would order them again

  9. Jroc80

    Always top quality. I love anything diesel and this one doesn’t disappoint. I’m out so this is about as honest a review yer gonna get. Hands down best prices and personal vibe you can’t find everywhere:). “No worries” buyer here and always impressed. Actually impressed with the shipping!! Ya I’m not on the coast and it takes a bit longer. Still worth the wait. . Just cost alone it’s worth it. Not to mention the deals on top of that Ok, I deserve a free sticker for this review jk.

  10. Highflyingheron9219

    Pagasus carts are awesome got me nice and baked I didn’t even smoke any of my free weed I got as a gift yet think I’ll try out some more carts for sure✌

  11. Highflyingheron9219

    Alien Skywalker og was some good stuff

  12. Dara Lewis

    Love this huge cartridge!! Tried the Maui Wowie, was not disappointed!

  13. Joshua3109

    This is a great product. My buddies and I love it

  14. Sylver59

    First time buying this brand but i bought two other kinds before and did not like. tasted awful and made me cough a lot!
    I love the pegasus sour diesel cartridge i bought. The taste is smooth and does not make me cough and the buzz is very nice. i broke my wrist last week and i am writing this in a cast. Man, that cartridge is coming in handy in between waiting for my daughter to come and roll more doobs. I am trying the Maui Wowie next.

  15. David A


  16. David A

    Very good.

  17. sarbrowne

    I am a fan of this product. So far I have tried: Ace of Spades, Banana Kush, Jack Herer, King Louis XIII, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, & Trainwreck. My LEAST favorite was Ace of Spades, because of the taste on it, however the others were amazing. Highly recommend this product.

  18. Chill174

    Carts work good without plugging up.

  19. finallytall

    I just finished the Pegasus 420 Gelato and boy it was nice. Smooth hit with no haze feeling – relaxing but not debilitating:) highly recommended

  20. Randi Gilbert

    Okay soo if you wanna laugh your butt off get these. I havent been able to laugh like that in years from THC let me tell you this is the best cartridge I have had since I started smoking them and it was amazing 11/10

  21. Alzx

    I got the banana kush & grape ape. Both work great, could feel the grape one very soon after just a couple pulls – flavor is very mild but nice would be perfect if it had a bit more flavor 🙂


    Great cart, didn’t clog,great taste


    This is the best

  24. Wise Old Woman

    I’ve a Medical Prescription and am Olde – these vaping products with their high percentage offer relief unavailable with (tax claimable) products. I do not distinguish sativa, indica or hybrid – pain relief is delivered sufficient for me to attend to day. Pretty Good Stuff…! Cheers!

  25. Duckduck

    Cartridge works very well. Taste could be a little better but over all good

  26. Duckduck

    Cartridge works well like most Pegasus carts do. I enjoy this one, however could be a little smoother.

  27. Morning

    works well.

  28. beth222

    mango haze was good

  29. beth222

    mango haze is good

  30. beth222

    the cart came broken

  31. thetrashheap

    Pretty good flavor. Hits fast but wears off to soon.

  32. thetrashheap

    Tastes ok but not as effective as other MW vapes I’ve tried.

  33. cudqyf-cAkzev-6zakny

    A bit pricey but does the job!

  34. Marie.Bittman

    Extremely tasty, exactly love banana

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