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Organic Super Mario AA

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Organic Super Mario StrainOrganic Super Mario is a moderately potent strain of budget buds with a strong lean towards Sativa strains. It’s known for a rich flavor composed of earthy and woody undertones. This cannabis can be pretty mild, but most varieties are rather heavy despite the low THC concentration.Thanks to its origins, this variety provides a good deal of motivation and euphoria. There is a measure of relaxation and sedation near the end of the high. It’s also effective medicinally, as there are plenty of health benefits, especially against aches and pains. WestCoastSupply is one of the oldest weed online dispensaries in Canada, and we’re happy to provide some of the finest quality cannabis products at a fair price.Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Piney Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Light Sedation Medical: Migraines, Regular Pain or Aches, Appetite loss, Anxiety, Depression Potency: 12-18% THC Content

13 reviews for Organic Super Mario AA


    Pretty nice little glow. It certainly feels great without couchlock.
    Great value

  2. Samantha Alonzi

    Amazing value, great smoke!!

  3. Keyon Littlejohn

    very good buds

  4. Courtney Gaider

    super nice stuff! really potent

  5. Dann3266

    For being one of the cheapest strains available on here, I was very impressed with the potency and quality of this bud. Very cerebral, started out energetic, but eventually transitioned to a more relaxed state. Will absolutely order again. Best value so far, in my opinion

  6. Stalitic

    good for the price nugs are dry but that is fine

  7. Kevin Wallace

    Dry and not my favorite taste but still a nice buzz.

  8. Cbd123

    Amazing price for the quality! Great strain

  9. Barryk39

    Good buds ,and a nice buzz after !

  10. @canna.bloom

    Good quality. Nice daytime strain.

  11. Obie316

    I would buy again it’s all right for the price

  12. Lyndsey Kerrigan

    Nice bud, good smoke, would recommend

  13. Obie316

    It tastes gross

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