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Nepalese Charas Hash

(37 customer reviews)


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Buy Nepalese Charas Hash Online

Top Gun Hash is a product made from the extracts and plant parts of the ‘Top Gun’ strain of cannabis. It’s a rather potent variety with up to 26% of THC and a deep chemical taste. The hash created from it retains much of the same effects, except it’s pressed into a loose enough brick with a brownish surface.

It has plenty of curious effects. The original weed is a hybrid strain with effects from both Indica and Sativa. While it does make you feel sleepy and calm, it also gives you extra energy and attention before you start to nod off too much. The hash has all the same effects, but many people find it easier to smoke.


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37 reviews for Nepalese Charas Hash

  1. Frank Slide

    The Nepalese Charas Hash arrived in a soft chewy ball that smelled like fruity Indica
    Broke it into little nerds and vaped at 375F,
    Oh my goodness what an amazing relaxing high
    Super Pain Killer and just did not have a care in the world, very nice smoke indeed.
    I will be ordering more.

  2. Ann

    Nice smooth smoke Great taste
    Definitely worth ordering again

  3. JuicE7457

    Great hash smokes smooth and easy to handle not rock solid, heats up nicely

  4. greynar

    I expected great things, but I was disappointed. Filled my pipe, took three good hits,.. and experienced a better than mildly euphoric high, but not the strong indica high I had hoped for. It’s good, but not great – I miss the Medusa Death hash – now that is great couchlock hash.

  5. southontario13

    super smooth smoke and very nice potency. super soft and nice blonde inside. love it!

  6. greynar

    Update to my August 15 review – adding star. After switching to a clean pipe, I have to give this a better review as it was a much better experience. I just ordered another oz. as this did NOT disappoint after that. Great price, smooth smoke, really nice buzz.

  7. Brad k

    This stuff is absolutely amazing, I haven’t had this stall of hash in 15 years and yesterday when we were smoking some I got the most wicked body high and basically couch locked. Can’t wait until WCS get more in stock. If you’ve never tried this type of hash it’s a must try! You certainly won’t be disappointed.

  8. Brad k

    I got an email to review these but I already posted above but I just got to say this, BUY THIS STUFF! Best relaxation I’ve had in years.

  9. Eskimoment04

    Great stuff, ordered a G at first to try then got a quarter. Great high

  10. Js Drolet

    Very nice texture and very potent effect!!!
    Oh, and its smell good to!!! 😉

  11. Mike Carrick

    Sticky nice taste great priced too much

  12. Luke Tookalook

    Nice high with cool sticky texture, i got so high and excited even dreamed smoking it in High-malayans……NEPAL.

  13. Neil Fahlman

    Excellent all around! Really soft and pliable, burns slow and smooth. Can’t beat this price anywhere.

  14. Pierrelcote

    I ordered this hash and the Mercedes variety, this is the best smelling of the two. Since i don’t smoke anything using combustion anymore, i fluffed this stuff and mixed it with some bud in a vaporizer. It delivered a wonderfully aromatic vape.

  15. Denis Guenette

    Really good hash

  16. Paul Snelgrove

    Awesome pick boys this stuff reminds me of high school days loved it and mazar sharif was very nice also if u wanna time travel back to high school try these hashs

  17. Paul Snelgrove

    First time trying this type of hash i absolutly loved it very much worth the try if ur older like me 48 it brought me back to high school

  18. Richard333

    Very nice hash. Good flavour, very smooth. Recomend this for adding to joints to boost the buzz

  19. jonathan482

    Nice real hash this stuff. Has a great mellow stony high. Classic black hash.

  20. Boudi H

    I love this hash, my second ounce and I can’t get enough. I hope that WCS will keep it in stock. Shipping was supper fast.

  21. Dom

    Really nice hash all around and for a good price.

  22. Dom

    So good I ordered again.


    Outstanding hash for the price…very nice taste and effects! Ordered more!

  24. RyanGreen

    Very sticky. But worth the effort.
    Excellent for the price

  25. Chill174

    Great freebie. Nice bit of rub

  26. Laurie Lalonde

    Beautiful hash. Need more in stock especially ounces!!!

  27. Petshop

    Really good hash. Great taste, great high & great price. A nice ball of yummy goodness. Definitely recommend.

  28. Kosp

    Really primo ‘shish…nice and soft with a nice pungent aroma, earthy taste…knocks you into a nice warm blanket with a big smile on your face! Recommended

  29. Ky

    Very nice, soft texture. Great high

  30. David A

    Nice hash. Expensive

  31. Droob

    Really smooth n strong hash! Love this stuff definitely gonna get more on my next order

  32. Kylesaab

    love this, very specific but pleasant flavour on this. nice effects. 9/10

  33. Ky

    Got more and it’s well worth the money. Burns nice and has a good head buzz

  34. B.R. Zuk

    Smooth, very stony high.

  35. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    The taste is great, but the effect (to me) is the same as the regular priced hash (like mercedes, maseratti, etc).
    I bought some a few months back which was much more potent.

  36. Guy Johnston

    So impressed with WCS made an order on Friday and received the order Monday morning with great products

  37. wstcsteb

    not overly strong, but really enjoyable. would order again

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