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Moroccan Blonde Hash | Buy Moroccan Blonde Hash Online

(4 customer reviews)


Buy Moroccan Blonde Hash online at BudLyft. Canada’s top online dispensary for cannabis, magic mushrooms, flower, edibles, concentrates.

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4 reviews for Moroccan Blonde Hash | Buy Moroccan Blonde Hash Online

  1. rebelp

    Yum, yum, yum! This hash is a delight to smoke and enjoy. Very smooth, tasty and easy to smoke in any way you like. Hot knives, bong, hash pipe or joint, this hash will be very smooth, very tasty and leave you wanting just one more puff. I came of age in the 70s when hash really was from Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc and this Moroccan is EXACTLY like the Moroccan I smoked as a teen ager so long ago (though we called it Green Moroccan and it looked like this stuff). So, for a trip back in time and a taste of real hash made the way hash is meant to be made, then give this high quality product a try.

  2. Philippe Champagne

    Recu un 14g en poudre…
    Texture sabloneux…. 0/5
    Buzz…. 2/5
    Gout…. 2/5
    Vraiment pas bon…

  3. Dubba

    Definitely Moroccan. Same pressed crumble, but not too hard.
    Same trace remnant of the woven powder bag impression. burns well, thick smoke
    Nice light buzz. Good for a couple hours. Smooth exit

  4. Brian Miller

    Tried for a change.. really nice old school hash
    . highly recommend..ty budlyft

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