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Medusa Botanicals CBD Tincture – 5000mg

(5 customer reviews)


Each bottle contains 5000mg of CBD, and about 100mg in a 1ml dropper

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Buy Medusa Botanicals CBD Tincture – 5000mg

Medusa Botanicals 5000mg CBD Tincture is a complex combination that contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBD oil is obviously the major component of these CBD tinctures, which is why it’s a potent alternative to medicinal cannabis. Although it has other characteristics, it is effective against stress, anxiety, and a general lack of calm.

One box comprises a 5000mg vial of CBD and a 1ml dropper that holds about 100mg. It is preferable to keep it cold until it reaches room temperature.

You may also get a larger dose from, because buying wholesale is less expensive. But it is all up to you.

5 reviews for Medusa Botanicals CBD Tincture – 5000mg

  1. Chill174

    Great value and very neutral flavor.

  2. The CronECon

    I got this product for my mom because she has depression and anxiety along with sleep disorder and within minutes of consuming the product she was out cold and sleeping like a baby. She hit what my brother and I refer to as third gear of snoring and that’s a rare and wonderful thing to achieve. Worth every penny I should have bought the 15,000 mg bottle.

  3. marcia barry

    i am very happy with my purchases so far and this i added because i need a large dose to cope with my truama…..i will buy more when i get more money…..soon….highly recommend….

  4. Schpike

    Just left similar review for the 3000mg CBD oil. Helped with my sleep issues. Helped my mothers arthritis, and especially helped with my father’s (88) headaches from becoming migraines! Highly recommended!

  5. Chill174

    Repeat buyer, helping both me and the doggo

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