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Dutchies Dry Sift Hash 5g


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Buy Dutchies Dry Sift Hash 5g Online | Dutchies Dry Sift Hash 5g For Sale at BudLyft

Dutchies dry sift hashish is rich, resinous and velvety smooth. Carefully crafted using high quality flower and a slow, meticulous process to provide a fresh and flavorful experience. The result is a clean, aromatic extract that is soft, malleable and shiny, reminiscent of traditional Gold Seal hashish. Using traditional hand folded methods and locally sourced British Columbia craft cannabis – jet fuel gelato, pink kush, and congo kief – mixed together to create a quality dry sift hash with extremely high resin and oil content, making this hash soft, malleable and easy to form into desired shape for consumption. With higher CBD and THC content than you find in most traditional hash these days, you will find yourself indulging in a well balanced high unlike any other on the market.

  • Each container has 5g of dry sift hash


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