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Death Tuna AAA | Buy Weed Online

(17 customer reviews)


The infamous Death Tuna comes as a hard-hitting Indica dominant, great for relaxing evenings cooling out to your favourite music while floating through time.


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Buy Death Tuna AAA | Buy Weed Online

Strain of Death Tuna

Death Tuna is an Indica strain of cannabis that is a mix between ‘Death Bubba‘ and ‘Black Tuna’ marijuana kinds. It is renowned for its strong scent, which has earthy and gassy overtones as well as a generally unpleasant odor. The potency can potentially exceed 27%, making it a fairly potent substance.

The effects have a typically sedative tone, which is helpful for falling asleep quickly, but it also uplifts and enhances you overall. Another strange side effect is the resulting hunger, which means you’ll need something to eat nearby. This item is fantastic for alleviating insomnia.

Place an order for Death Tuna right now at our US online dispensary, and we’ll deliver it shortly.

Flavors: Skunky, Earthy, Gas
Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
Medical: Stress, Depression, Fatigue
Potency: 22-27% THC Content

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17 reviews for Death Tuna AAA | Buy Weed Online

  1. Richard333

    Well that’s some fine nug. Very good smoke. Definitely recommend to heavy duty indica smokers. Mmm Mmm good…

  2. Zigidou

    Très beau, bon goût et bon buzz… à essayer!
    Very nice, good taste and buzz…have to try

  3. Bigsnowman187

    Good smoke nice taste, smell,and high enjoyed very much

  4. DKultra1

    4.5 out of 5 Stars or so for this DEATH TUNA AAA ‘free 1/8th sample gift’.
    The buds are really thick and obviously resinous cause they don’t just crumble into powder like many AA strains do out of the bag/packaging, where they crumble easily to roll a joint. The DEATH TUNA, these are rock hard little nuggets.
    The flavour wasn’t spicy or really noticeable.
    Seemed like a slightly darker green looking bud, so that’s different for an indica-dominant strain I think. Overall it was a good high, no better or no less than the average stuff I like to smoke which is usually around 15-22% THC and maybe 1% CBD often in there.
    DEATH BUBBA is one of my favorites, this DEATH TUNA wasn’t spicy like DEATH BUBBA is though, as I recall it comparatively.
    FREE 1/8th of AAA BUD that is thick with THC is pretty stellar FREEBIE!!!
    Westcoast Supply are so cool.
    No one is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DKultra1

    Pretty Loopy sort of effect from this DEATH TUNA AAA that I got 1/8th of as a FREE GIFT from WCS.
    Really thick buds, resinous, tough to crumble even when left out to dry for 12 hours on a dry ALBERTA day.
    Definitely has some oomph in it.

  6. Kevin Wallace

    Strong but smooth flavor. Will repeat for sure

  7. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    I’m liking the flavour of this, I couldn’t be happier

  8. Pellet

    I liked the taste and buzz. It was mild but great for daytime use.

  9. bcaves

    Loved this one. smooth, strong. Really hits you in the head first before moving on to your whole body. Would definitely get again. This ones got some kick!

  10. Jodie Esovoloff

    Packed a punch! Burned great, tasted great.

  11. SK8BOT

    nice bud feel nugs are tight dense compact hits strong thc 25%

  12. angela

    Love this strain! Hits hard and at a great price! I made cannabutter with it and it was out of this world!!

  13. snuggleallthekitties

    Pretty good taste, very nice effects. Would buy again but not at full price of $160/oz.

  14. Krista Hjorleifson

    Amazing! A couple puffs and I’m on the roof

  15. Jaynej

    Really like this, not harsh on the throat fairly nice taste good buzz

  16. Chill174

    Strong taste and a good kick, solid indica for bed time

  17. Van3

    Great for a chill night. Heavy hitting and great tasting!

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