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Buy 99% CBD Isolate Bulk Online

(24 customer reviews)


Announcing the all-natural CBD Isolate. This is considered the purest and most wholesome form of cannabidiol reaching 99% purity, grounded up into a fine white powder for easy usage. It’s the perfect way to dose your CBD without getting high.

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Medusa Botanicals 99% CBD Isolate

Medusa Botanicals CBD Isolate can be added to or infused into foods, liquids, nutritional supplements, topicals, and even cosmetics. Our CBD Isolate contains no THC. Products made from the CBD are not psychotropic and do not produce the “high” associated with THC products.

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1 g, 5 g, 10 g, 25 g

24 reviews for Buy 99% CBD Isolate Bulk Online

  1. RobbyNightmare

    Excellent price, and nice isolate!

  2. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    Effective – and GREAT PRICE!

  3. funkaspuck

    tried tinctures, and cbd grass in the past… nothing… assumed cbd was just placebo effect. This is the stuff that changed my mind.
    I take the container the cbd powder comes in, place it in a pan, with hot water half way up the cbd container. low heat and a stir with a blunt tip syringe, and in 5 min im left with a warm thick liquid, suitable for filling a
    c cell cart. ***it will recrystallize in the cartridge after a few hours of not being used, but a gentile warm up with a lighter quickly makes it vapeable again***
    Will be ordering more.

  4. Ziggy1999

    I couldn’t ask for better quality. And the price is phenomenal, thanks guys I loved it!

  5. Lizzie1610

    My husband loved the pain killing qualities of this but I couldn’t get past the taste. But then again I tried it on kraft dinner.

  6. James scott

    Happy with with the cbd isolate, dabs, joints its was a welcome addition. And has quickly become house favorite, already a repeat buyer

  7. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    A repeat purchase that I put in almost everything. Please keep this in stock!

  8. Dann3266

    Great stuff. Dissolves perfectly in oil, easy to control the dose. Works perfectly.

  9. Yoshelle Gallant-Erza

    Love this stuff!! I add it to most bowls and add some to my dabs. Have yet to try it with my food but im sure it will be fantastic!
    Was surprised it has a taste, its not the best but can be easily masked when combining with others.
    Not sure why but thought the 5g would come in separate containers, it does not lol
    Great price!
    Definitely a re-purchase item!

  10. Chill174

    I mix this with joint support formula and feed it to my dogs since the Mary’s for pets was discontinued. They love it!

  11. Holly James

    Great isolate! Great price! No flavour! 10/10 will buy again soon!

  12. Maxime Paquet

    Super produit vraiment simple et super bon buzz xp

  13. brittannielee

    Bought my first batch, and a few days later bought another. Great product for a great price. Cheapest priced CBD I’ve found.

  14. Logan Thomas

    Finally found CBC isolate that actually works

  15. Alan Meyers

    This CBD isolate is the simplest, most cost effective way to add a controllable amount of CBD to a daily cannabis regime of treatment.

  16. ZeeG

    Just bought this for the first time and tried it and it was great. Will buy again. Ive been trying to find a decent cbd isolate for a while. They’re usually quite expensive but this stuff is great

  17. Lina Ladouceur

    Meilleur endroit pour le CBD.

  18. Chill174

    Helps with the aches and pain of the day

  19. Georgina Richardson

    I have had lots of different cbd isolate but this is the best it’s not harsh at all and helps me with my anxiety..the service was fast I would recommend and will buy again in the future..Thank you

  20. Alan Meyers

    Still the best CBD bang for your buck compared to any other sites I’ve searched. Very neutral taste and smell when it’s smoked or eaten. Great for reducing inflammation and adding a little extra mellow to THC. My cat and I both love it. Built her up to 5mg twice a day and she doesn’t limp on the stairs!

  21. Judy Living

    Great source of CBD at an excellent price gram/$. I use it in conjunction with Medusa Botanicals Phoenix Tears to treat Extreme Chronic Pain from dry gangrene in my foot.

  22. Alan Meyers

    This is my go-to CBD product. It is economical, flexible and it works. I make sure I don’t run out. Thanks WCS.

  23. Alan Meyers

    Still the best CBD bargain out there. I keep stocked. My cat is turning 17 next month and this stuff keeps her limber.

  24. Alan Meyers

    Still love it…. I re-up when I get down to 5g. very effective and at a very reasonable price.

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