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Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats

(9 customer reviews)


Each bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, and about 20mg in a 1ml dropper

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Buy Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats

1000mg Medusa Botanicals CBD Tincture is a broad-spectrum CBD tincture that has a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. The major ingredient is CBD oil, which provides this medication with several health advantages linked with cannabis treatment. It can also produce relaxation and ease tension, while its primary use is medical.

A bottle of this kind includes 1000mg of CBD and a 1ml dropper that holds around 20mg. Cold temperatures are preferred for storage.

If you want to take them on a regular basis, you may get a larger bottle instead of multiple smaller ones because it is cheaper wholesale on our online drugstore.

9 reviews for Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats

  1. blanddrizzle

    My dog LOVES these. He’s 12 years old and typically you can tell that his joints are getting a bit creaky. After he’s had one of these, he appears more energetic and willing to run and jump around like he did as a puppy. I would definitely recommend for any elderly doggos looking for some pain relief. He’s a little under 20lbs and about 1/2 of a treat seems perfect for him

  2. Cole

    These are more for you medium to small sized dogs …. not the two monster sized dogs I have , but they still love them but they didn’t last to long

  3. Berrybomb

    Works great

  4. Trackers

    Great . Gave 1 to our dog who is 35lbs and it worked for about a day and a half.

  5. Lindsay

    I personally haven’t tried these ,but …… my dogs seem to like them. I have them just a couple of the samples to try and a couple of these. I have large dogs. One dogs likes them and the other just isn’t sure. I haven’t given them to them for any reason yet. Just to see if they liked them. They maybe need a bit more flavour as my one dog doesn’t seem interested. But they seem ok.

  6. Goddess

    These treats are great! My dog loves them and they help bring some calm to his high energy level. Helps him rest as he is not that good at resting on his own. 🙂 Highly recommend!

  7. Tuna61s

    Love their product definitely will order again

  8. Kim FitzPatrick

    I have an 18 year old Jack Russel with achy back legs and hips. I give him these to help him get through his days. I like to think of these as a more natural way to treat his pain. I don’t feel comfortable giving him too many prescription drugs because of the side effects. He has had no side effects of the Bully Bits other than being able to move easier.

  9. Kathy

    Diesel enjoys these treats, as he is finicky. Hope they give him some relief on his hips, although running through the fields with potholes doesn’t help and I tell him too. Thank you for being available. Kathy and Diesel

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