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Bruce Banner AAAA

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Bruce Banner Strain | Buy Online Weed

Bruce Banner Strain

The apparent analogy to Hulk is Bruce Banner – a green and menacing superhero who shares many characteristics with this Sativa cannabis strain. It is extremely powerful, much like its namesake. This marijuana cultivar has tetrahydrocannabinol levels as high as 30%, which is significantly higher than most comparable products.

Its Sativa roots lead to its remarkable relaxation and pain relief on many fronts. Physical ailments that this strain can help with include arthritis, chronic pain, and exhaustion. Sleep deprivation, bipolar disorder, attention deficiency, and general anxiety/stress are all examples of mental illnesses.

It comes in three chief varieties, all of which can be acquired from AllbudSupply. Our online dispensary is one of the best in the United State, so ordering stuff like this is simple, comfortable, and pleasant. What’s more, many of our products are sold at an affordable price and with absolute discretion on our part.

Flavors: Berry, Diesel, Strawberry, Sweet
Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress
Potency: 24-29% THC Content

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21 reviews for Bruce Banner AAAA

  1. Daneeyllag

    Fantastic hybrid. Really strong high and has a nice smell and taste. Can be kind of harsh at times but that’s only because of how kiefy it is. Strongly recommend this strain.

  2. daveq

    Packs a punch with it’s high THC content, and not alot of burnout. Great hybrid for daytime smoke. Buds are super crystally, on the smaller side but dense. Worth the purchase.

  3. Chill174

    Little harsh on the draw. Real strong though beware

  4. Caitlin

    Large tight buds. Great smell, sweet taste and deadly high. Another favourite.

  5. bcaves

    Very smooth mellow high. Your high will last a while and is great if you’re just chilling on the couch or relaxing for the day. Doesn’t knock you off your feet so you can still do whatever you have to do. Gives a consistant long lasting high.

  6. skipwillya

    Always nice to hulk-out with a little Banner during the day. Great strain!

  7. Marco

    Great batch. Nice looking buds, same as the pic. Was really pleased with this smoke!

  8. Jashort

    Can not complain about this strain. Always wanted to try this popular strain
    Did not disappoint
    Smelled slightly gassy and sweet and delivered a quality high
    Nice buds also

  9. @canna.bloom

    Nice relaxing strain. Nice smelling potent bud. Enjoyed this high.

  10. Kyla Strong

    Nice light flavor, very smooth. Large dense buds and a nice euphoric high

  11. nathanlevac19

    very potent and relaxing, 10/10 would recommend. best strain I have tried.

  12. pcortes4208

    this strain is highly potent and gives you a nice high, one of the best strains to give a try. if you really want to feel the best high you have ever felt? this strain is the way to go! the high comes very quickly as it is very potent

  13. Annette Auger-Unwin

    This weed had a surprisingly good taste. As a 30 year plus smoker, it takes a lot for me to chill, and this strain did that right away. Enjoyed the taste and the smell. Very smooth, with barely a cough in sight. I’d highly recommend for those who need a little extra to chill.

  14. Pellet

    This was good tasting and a pretty nice high. The only reason it gets a 3 star rating is the last Bruce banner strain I recieved was better. All the way around.

  15. Pinksen21

    It’s not the best Bruce banner I’ve had on site. But it is pretty effective.

  16. Kaczor16

    Very good stuff strong and smells nice you won’t be disappointed. 5 stars all the way around

  17. Chill174

    Legit potent and buds are so dense they plug my grinder. Top Drawer

  18. Lindsey Muller

    So good.

  19. David A

    Awesome all around. Highly recommend.

  20. Hayley Steele

    It is so sticky and when it burns there is a slow burn to it.
    It is almost like there is kief all over the buds and it causes it to have a slow burn and amazing high!!!
    The high does last a bit longer, I was being active, so I did not notice any munchie feelings!
    #LetsStaySkinny #NoSnacking #KeepActive

  21. Hazel

    One of my favourite strains and this lived up to the hype!

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