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Blonde Kief – BUY 10g Get 5g FREE SALE


Blonde Kief Special: Get 10g of Blonde Kief and Receive 5g FREE

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Blonde Kief Special: Get 10g of Blonde Kief and Receive 5g FREE.

This kief is sourced from organic, locally-grown AAAA+ grade indica flowers. We seperated THC trichomes from a fresh batch of indica flowers and plant materials from the private reserve of a craft grower. This product has gone through vigorious quality checks to ensure the highest quality end product.  Blonde Kief is characterized by its pale, blonde colour, signifying younger trichomes, which are a testament to the quality and freshness of the product. This variation of kief boasts a THC concentration of 44%, making it the perfect addition to any joint, bowl, or vaporizer.

Kief refers to the resinous trichomes of cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. Kief contains a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC, than that of the cannabis flowers from which it is derived. Traditionally, kief has been pressed into cakes of hashish for convenience in storage, but can be vaporized or smoked in either form.



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