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Black Afghan Gold Seal Hash

(5 customer reviews)


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5 reviews for Black Afghan Gold Seal Hash

  1. Brandon Tremblett

    Was the cheapest Hash we purchased and was one of, maybe even the best hash. Great high and taste ?

  2. Anthony MacKinnon

    Brought me right back to 94, very nice!

  3. hashhfx

    Grabbed two Ozs and tried my first toke of it tonight. Nice stone, not too harsh. Reminiscent of the hash I smoked in the 80s. Such a great price, it was hard to resist buying it, but I was nicely surprised that it was quite good hashish. Lighter brown inside when you cut a chunk out which for me is a good sign. The large block I received is fairly pliable, not crumbly like other types of hash I have purchased before from other online outlets. Only 2 or 3 of the about 15 varieties of hash I have ordered online in the last 9 months or so have been more tacky. than this Gold Seal. It doesn’t have quite the same aroma as the hash I smoked in the 80s, but that’s about the only noticeable difference. Happily impressed with this nice replica Afghan hash! While it doesn’t specifically state it, I am pretty sure it wasn’t actually made in Afghanistan! LOL


    Smoked LOTS of hash in the 80”s, and this wasnt it imo. I found it comparable to all the other $10 stuff out there. Nothing special but at $7 a gram on sale, worth pick n up an 1/8th

  5. bearmama4

    Even though this is technically an Indica, it sure doesn’t feel like it!
    The fragrance is mellow and creamy, with sweet undertones.
    It’s soft and pliable texture makes it easy to roll into “logs” for doobies, or to make a Happy Face on a bowl! (Looks cute AF)
    Awesome to hot-knife/blade. Such an amazing product to work with. Not crumbly at all.
    The only drawback is, if you leave it even in a container, for too long, it will harden up.
    However, you can always use a gentle flame against it, and it will soften right back up.
    I would recommend this to everyone. It’s a nice, calm, relaxing high, perfect for day or evening use.
    I enjoyed it immensely.
    Thank you BL.

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