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Amnesia Haze AA

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Amnesia Haze AA

With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

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14 Grams, 28 Grams

6 reviews for Amnesia Haze AA

  1. conv.rdl8v3n8e82wb5

    3.85/5 STARS
    Almost rated this 4 stars but it’s not quite the highest medium I’ve had. For sure top 5 of the mediums I’ve smoked. Thoroughly enjoyed.
    Got a half Oz which was three large buds, comfortably over a half. Prefect density and bustability upon arrival, easily rolled and smooth smoking.
    $170 or less an Oz is a good time and one should not hesitate to add some to their cart.
    I made sure to pass my approval along to the staff who filled and shipped my order. Arrived in half the time Canada Post estimated with standard shipping.
    Burned evenly and to a white ash.
    Pleasing taste. More earthy then citrus.
    Slight aroma of hay to the bud but not dominant.
    Well worth while, would smoke again.

  2. yikitiyikes

    Not to say this bud is bad, as it definitely still gets me high, however for the price of $160 (paid $132.80 after 17% off), I have been able to get cheaper, more enjoyable weed from this site and others. The worst drawback of this strain is the extreme harshness; this is possibly the harshest weed I have ever smoked. The potency was lower than expected as well, but not quite weak. The nug felt very dry, which I believe to be neither good nor bad, but may have contributed to the harshness. Can’t comment much on flavour as I would usually be too distracted by the horrible burn, but I believe it was pretty decent in flavour. The smell was too pungent for me, but others who have smelt it all commented on the smell positively, so that’s just me.
    tl;dr: better cheaper strains here and elsewhere, extremely harsh, not as potent as would’ve liked for the price however not bad either.

  3. Shawn

    Not the quality I’d expect for a higher priced strain, too harsh and not very potent. I need to consume double. I wish it were as good as it smelled.
    WCM had some cheaper and far better sativas during the fall and early winter – what happened?

  4. ventio

    a little disappointed with this one. It arrived smelling great but pretty dry. Even through a vape this strain is surprisingly harsh. After trying straight Amnesia a few years back, I was expecting this to be much more powerful. Great smell (lemons, earth, not overly stinky) but I will probably try another sativa

  5. Cheri.k

    Nice buds, smokes decently.
    Appropriate name… had quite a few “what was I doing?” moments

  6. Rachel Mailhot

    Good sativa

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