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Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA

Alaskan Thunder Fuck not only sounds intense but also has an intense effect. The THC content of this marijuana can be as high as 23%, although the minimum is as mild as 16%. It’s mostly a Sativa variety that originates from Alaska. The taste is a unique fruity blend with some spiciness.

Not long after the first toke, you’ll start feeling an immense sense of arousal, euphoria, as well as additional energy. The medicinal properties are more profound, and this variety is said to treat everything from headaches to anorexia and stress.

Catch your personal supply of this product right now by ordering its delivery from our online dispensary. Ours is one of the best weed stores in United State.

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154 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA

  1. mahad.jama

    Wonderful strain, smells reminiscent of Great White Shark. Potent and appetite stimulating. Impeccably trimmed and not dry like all their herb.

  2. Carole Eastman

    Just like photos aaaa bud buy this

  3. jimmy.liu2823

    Smell’s great, a little piney and fruity. The nugs are dense and packed with trichomes. Definitely one of my faves.


    smells great and for me it is an ideal sativa

  5. Sjrumball

    So tasty, beautiful crystal buds, Wonderful taste. Would get again and again

  6. mattpelerine1

    Best strain I’ve ordered to date, beautiful smell and looks amazing

  7. jimOuellet

    Nice sativa high good for price, unlucky on the size of the bud I got.. little bit hard on the throat

  8. sarah__palmer

    Very nice Sativa. Uplifting and doesn’t give me any anxiety.
    The nugs I got were huge too. Would definitely order again.

  9. Curtis

    Really nice looking bud. Perfectly trimmed and cured, rock hard. Smell is fruity and piny, maybe a little earthy, not as strong smelling as I would like but smells a lot better after being ground up.
    Nice sativa high. I find myself mixing it with some Purple OG to tame down the sativa effects as I mostly toke at night.

  10. rockdisco87

    Very nice sativa strain. Great for the daytime

  11. DANIEL

    just ordered more! hope its as good as last time!

  12. dovakhiin6969

    Incredibly dense buds, lovely smell and an equally delicious taste. I would play $240 an oz for it

  13. trapgame

    Got this strain during the 420 sale and it really surprised me! Very frosty buds with a clear sativa high


    Wow the trichomes on this strain are amazing, it smells very good and gives you a very powerful high. HIGHly recommend.

  15. mikejponto

    Very nice. Great med for day time, very up! Sneaks and taste awesome.

  16. John

    Gives me a bit of paranoia but love the long lingering cerebral stone. Really supercharges the brain and good for use in the day, don’t even burnout after smoking this. I got big dense nugs and overall was very satisfied with this strain

  17. alloys

    I’ve been smoking for the past sixteen years, and have been chronic for the past two years straight and was having a hard time getting anything from what i was smoking…then i tried this! awesome high and i actually feel it! this is now my favourite strain and i just wish i had some seeds of my own hehe

  18. DomoDave

    A powerful, clear sativa high. Take a bong rip of ATF, followed by your fave morning coffee, and you’ll feel like a BAMF the rest of the day. 🙂

  19. rockdisco87

    Great sativa strain, crisp hard buds, great strain to start your day with, ATF 5⭐s

  20. FrankieC

    Nice and tight buds….the high will creep up on you out of no where

  21. jimmy.liu2823

    Compact buds. Had a decent smell and nice high.

  22. alloys

    Still good, more expensive and rough cutting on the stems unfortunately but still my favourite strain.

  23. Logan

    Excellent strain. Large buds, uplifting sativa. Would order again.

  24. j.landry7272

    ATF is awesome! Please keep in stock 🙂

  25. thomas.k420

    so nice i had to buy it twice,good head rush ,,right before work

  26. Angel


  27. Unbaked11

    Great stuff, will buy again

  28. Christopher

    Bought this for the Canada Day sale as a first time patient. Smooth, earthy, very nice aroma. Great Strain with an amazing taste. One of the better Sativas I’ve had. Well worth the money to throw a little in your freezer for a Sunday afternoon.

  29. Dr g

    Great quality for price ! Big rock solid buds great smell , breaks up well as burns nice . Only breaking point would be taste , I find there is a throatyness to it that sum may enjoy but personally not my thing. Service and delivery was topnotch and I will be recommending this site to as my buds

  30. thomas.k420

    third time buying this and its still potent

  31. biggie1105

    Really nice sativa

  32. Angel

    as I said before, legit. get this asap!

  33. biggie1105

    Second time buying this strain ! AAAA quality

  34. hamstermeal

    Very big fruity smelling tasting nugs hits you prety well.

  35. hamstermeal

    Very big fruity smelling tasting nugs hits you prety well. sativa stone with a good body high

  36. Zpattipoo

    DANK AS F$@%!!! lol love this strain. Huge Nugs and tight and trimmed perfectly. Perfect moisture. Can’t say enough how good this is. Keep this stuff stocked cause ill want more lol.

  37. Christopher

    Ant stop buying a little bagging this for the weekends. Great smoke and amazing medication. Good sativa strain, love that it hasn’t changed since I first bought in spring

  38. Christopher

    Cant stop buying a little bag of this for the weekends. Great smoke and amazing medication. Good sativa strain, love that it hasn’t changed since I first bought in spring

  39. Daniel

    My fave. Love this stuff

  40. Danny

    Very nice buzz! Good job! Nice taste. Smooth but not super smooth! Buzz last long! Thank you! I would buy again.

  41. Danny

    I ordered this stuff from another site. Decided try it here, was very comparable! Very nice buds and taste is amazing. Great buzz! Would order again. Smooth as well

  42. Jashort

    I always use my non cannabis friends as a gauging point on quality of the product. My nerdy sister reaction was immediately noted with looks of discomfort on the overpowering smell!
    I new then this is good herb. The buzz lasts longer than expected and highly recommend
    Thanks WCM

  43. harley23

    Great sativa choice
    Highly recommend
    Ordered multiple times

  44. saracoldicott

    LOVE THIS GAL I literally buy her again and again

  45. Rattyfay

    Big nugs. Never had a bad batch from West Coast. Absolutely luv this stuff. Can’t beat it for the price


    Top Drawer.

  47. Daneeyllag

    One of my all time favorite strains. Always gives a great strong sativa high. Smooth smoke and good flavor and always burns to white ash. Can’t recommend this strain enough.

  48. Shawn

    Frosty, stinky nugs. Burns clean and smooth with an excellent flavour and effect. It’s worth ordering again, even though it’s a bit Alaskan Dry Asfuck.
    **AUG 2019 UPDATE** – Damn good batch! Fresh, caked nuggets. I made this my smoke of choice for starting my days in happiness (lots of shit going on lately). I am shocked that WCS gave me a free 3.5g of this amazing sativa for purchasing over $300 worth of product. No wonder I love shopping here!

  49. Jeff

    Always a great buy! Nice nugs. Uplifting sativa without too much fog. Good price too

  50. Caitlin

    All time favourite.

  51. Mark

    Nice shit!

  52. beefy

    buds are nice and love the taste just wish it was a bit stronger buzz

  53. Beau

    I love this stuff!! I try and order this as often as I can. Love smoking it, busts up nicely and smells great. One of my go to’s for sure man

  54. Daneeyllag

    Probably consistently the best sativa I’ve smoked. Blows me away every time by how strong it is. Great strain.

  55. Jeff


  56. Louanne

    Awesome deal. Great product.

  57. Unbaked11

    One of the best strains. Really nice.

  58. Jennifer

    Great taste. Pretty potent. Great quality, would definitely order again.

  59. Lisa

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck is an awesome daytime strain! Smells great it’s a very nice smoke!

  60. Blairc

    I ordered the variety pack which I am very pleased with I just started ordering from here and no regrets great price for the quality keep up the great work

  61. Newfy

    Dense buds, well worth the money.

  62. Robert

    a great Saturday morning buzz

  63. motor1966

    Excellent smoke good cerebral high.

  64. Bill

    Buy this every month, but this time was not the same. Bad batch maybe? Different color and flavour. Looked browner than usual. Slower effect also.

  65. Sir kushington

    Pretty good … nice dense buds .. smoked good … cant complain it was a free 8th added to the order

  66. luke2kay

    If you are looking for some nice ATF, WCS is the place. Every time I have ordered this i have never been disappointed. Properly cured and trimmed buds & I have been ordering this since they were WCM. I ordered this after a long long time, and i got the nicest buds. Excellent as usual!

  67. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    October 2019 batch: smelled decent but very light in colour and effect.
    Last batch was stellar!

  68. Weronika Dubois

    Ships so quickly and discreetly. The box fits in my mailbox. I am not nerdy about the weed. I don’t analyze the high much but as a chronic smoker I appreciate when a high lasts for longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t render me useless. I smoke half a joint or so at a time and I am feeling great for a few hours! Or a small hit from my pipe and I am baked for 40 minutes. Very happy with the product.

  69. Caitlin

    A perfect sativa. What more can you ask for

  70. Anthony Smart

    Beauty looking bugs! Nice to smoke and pachs a punch

  71. Rattyfay

    Thunder Fuk never disappoints. Big dense nugs. Extremely smooth. If u haven’t, you must!

  72. Kevin Wallace

    Very smooth and easy to smoke with a solid buzz that seemed to creep up on me. Will definitely look into getting more.

  73. Chris Howard

    Not bad , was bit dry but still high

  74. Kevin Wallace

    This stuff was incredibly easy to smoke and a little bit of a creeper. So happy with it when it was my free g for my first order that I ordered an eighth in my next.

  75. PumpkinPepsi

    ^^what everyone else is saying. This stuff lives up to it’s name.

  76. Lindsay

    Great smelling stuff. Tastes good to. I got this as a free gift. Great gift!!

  77. Lindsay

    Great smell & Taste to. I got this as a free gift with my order. What a Great gift!!

  78. Janis McIntyre

    This is an enjoyable strain; An immediate favorite and regular choice for a quality sativa that is so medically helpful.

  79. rebkavod

    One of the better AAAs.

  80. James B

    Strong strain

  81. Mark

    Great sativa, nice high & priced right. Probably my favorite bud.

  82. Sara Worden

    Just as described. Very good. One of my favorites

  83. Michelle de Man

    Love this stuff. Personally wish it was a bit stronger, but it’s a good high.

  84. mckgra

    Love this strain, like the picture and description.

  85. Bill

    This is definitely worth buying. Haven’t been able to get very much of it lately though

  86. Jashort

    Classic…a strain with attitude

  87. Tammy May

    I bought this strain because of the name and i was not disappointed! I felt thunder fuc*** up after a bowl of ATF, loved the potent smell.

  88. Mark

    Yup…fucked me up! Loved it!

  89. DON

    Love the name very nice burning weed smell great to

  90. Rattyfay

    My favourite Sativa. Never go without this one

  91. Jason A

    nice smell, not a sat fan ,but this one is nice.

  92. Marco

    Good weed if ur looking for a different taste. Gets u high and delivers a sweet spicy taste, hard to explain(but good)!

  93. Omar Mustapha abdullah

    I am currently ripped of this strain. I got it as a gift with my order thanks to WCS. Very impressed with the high and taste and would definitely order this next time. More of a “bbq chill vibe” sativa, Perfect for summer. Peace.

  94. Melanie Olmsted

    This was my first purchase from West Coast and has been my favourite I have tried so far! Nice flavour, aroma and buzz.

  95. Victoria

    Love love love ATF! Definitely in my top five strains, absolute pleasure to smoke!

  96. Amanda Broderick

    Taste: 10/10
    Smoothness: 10/10
    High: Woah
    Smoked in a King Palm Paper = Priceless

  97. lindor

    One of my favourite sativas

  98. lindor

    I love this strain. My favourite Sativa

  99. robin_belzile13

    ATF has been my favourite strain for years. Been ordering it for 2 years. I recently purchased a bulk order of ATF 4 ounces. After delivery i noticed that the ATF was waaaay off. Not much smell to it, very dry. Gross taste far from original taste. Burns poor. Burn hot and clogs everything. Had little to no affect on me and wasn’t stoned at all. Seems to me that westcoastsupply “suppler” Sent me “budget” ATF. No doubt about it. After emailing westcoast they were great with helping me. They put $25 of credit in my account. Plus went on to send me a half ounce of my Choice. Thanks west coast for owning up and helping me. I am scared and don’t know if I will ever order ATF again. 3 ounces of garbage budget ATF that almost isn’t even worthy of making edibles from. And one ounce that was normal ATF. Paying full price for budget ATF hurts. Be aware. Westcoast did all they could to help me and refund me and I am greatfull. But still stuck with 3 ounces of product that I payed top dollar for that is garbage. Lost about $200-$300 dollars from this transaction. As I will need to put in another order soon.

  100. wyldewitch

    This is my all-time favorite sativa! Consistently delivers a quick lift that lasts for hours with no dragged down feeling at the end. Excellent for daytime use during creative activities.

  101. lindor

    Very delicious one of my faves

  102. Kevin Wallace

    My favorite on this entire website! Great Indica!!!

  103. Lacey79

    This was ok, stone is alright not a big fan of this one.

  104. Daniel

    Always like to add to cart, this batch seemed a lil different, buds were more fluffy

  105. kevin mansfield

    I would say meh not buying again way better sativas out there, this one just didn’t have the punch I was looking for that said they are nice tight buds and do smell pretty good.

  106. Mr Green

    Received 1/8th as gift. Was unsatisfied for the first time. Seemed like it was tumbled. Didn’t give much of a buzz. Smoked it all in a few hours as it was short lived.
    Still love WCS though <3

  107. DKultra1

    Definitely not as Euphoric of a High as I expected in this batch of ALASKAN THUNDER F*CK.
    If I could re-order, I would order a stronger strain instead. It’s okay, I think this particular harvest of ATF is just a bit weaker than usual.
    JULY 2020 Batch of ATF is a bit weaker than expected. That’s my review. I’ve been smoking shake mainly and home grown AUTOFLOWER that I started in late April that cropped out. Yet, I find this ATF batch top be weak?
    Anyhow, maybe it goes on sale for $180 OZ, cause it’s less than expected? I’ve had a 1/4 of it before, it is primo usually.

  108. Royden Eetuk

    Smells good. The high is awesome. Strong pungent and good smoke.

  109. DKultra1

    ATF from AUG 2020 batch is brutal.
    WHAT A TERRIBLE BATCH from an outstanding strain that I have enjoyed in the past.
    AUG 2020 batch should be in the bargain bin for about $50 an ounce IMO. I don’t know why it doesn’t work, but it is like smoking air, when you are expecting a good solid stone.
    FUTURE ATF will be good.
    I looked in the COMMENTS SECTION, WCS, and I want you to see that in March-June 2019, there was a MEDIOCRE Batch of ATF back in 2019 as well.
    I hope you leave my post up.

  110. thetrashheap

    My favorite Sativa.
    Not at all harsh to smoke, lasts quite a while.

  111. DKultra1

    SATIVA STRAINS don’t get me high!!!
    This ALASKAN THUNDER F may actually be a decent batch if you aren’t immune to SATIVA strains.
    I found this out by Smoking JACK HERER pre-rolls. I quickly become immune to SATIVA strains, that is very clear to me now.
    If you are a fan of ATF in the past, then maybe this batch is okay for you.
    I wanted to clarify my REVIEW listed above which was ONE STAR.
    I say AA indicas are choice.
    BUDGET SHAKE can be choice if you watch for the right batch to buy.
    SATIVA IMMUNITY is real.
    Impotence of the mind I guess?

  112. Pennybeth

    My first time trying this bud. I really enjoyed it and will order again.

  113. collingqueen

    The effects of this are certainly mood-boosting and laugh-inducing, while not making you stick to the couch. It’s evening-use friendly as well though, and can help carry you off to sleep if you use in advance of going to bed. It’s a tasty strain, with pine and citrus notes, but does have a very faint bitterness I don’t care for (although it doesn’t linger, and is only really noticed in the nostrils). A terrific sativa all around, and not to mention sticky af

  114. @canna.bloom

    Nice stuff. Great high. Smooth tasting

  115. Popkiller101

    Scored some as a free gift and needless to say it was amazing. Some of the best bud I’ve had. I definitely reccomend.

  116. Hassan Jouni

    For me it’s the best sative ever

  117. Ziggy1999

    Pretty strong for a sativa. This is one of my favourite sativa strains.

  118. Mark

    Good sativa, creeper buzz. Nice stone.

  119. dandy_cakes

    What’s not to like about this classic strain!

  120. Annalenanzl

    Amazing sativa and nice high.

  121. Chill174

    Got a Q that was 1 huge bud! Always a winner

  122. Pat Long

    I enjoyed the quality, taste and all comforting effects. This was a gift on my last purchase but I will definitely be buying it in the future.

  123. K_Dub

    I tried this strain a few years ago when my buddy had come across some. Grabbed a bit when I saw it here. Nice heady high, beautiful buds. I gave it a 4 only because there’s something about the terpene profile I don’t like.

  124. Nick Alexander

    Was looking for something to help with lack of appetite & depression & this sure helped. Definitely going to order more

  125. Nuggity

    Top notch! Never tried ATF before and I’m glad I did, great high for daytime usage, keeps me uppity and helps continuously get stuff done.

  126. davesnothome

    Great product. Used in my vape machine and got a nice high!


    I was impressed with the purchase! Very tasty and a great buzz! Buds were hard as rocks! Will buy again for sure!

  128. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    Potency and bag appeal was there, but the flavour was lacking this time.
    Beautiful, HUGE buds that were rock hard.
    Still worth every penny!

  129. SiggyOg

    Enjoyed very much as wake up and go flower, smoking all day at work it’s very upper feeling & relaxing feeling flower would purchase again!!!

  130. Dann3266

    Great hard hitting sativa, without the usual paranoia I get from most sativas. A1

  131. Hassan Jouni

    Alaskanda thunder is always a good choice no matter what

  132. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮

    The batch received for the month of July reminds me of the first time I’ve bought ATF from WCS. Sweet, tropical, pungent and potent. Melts away the stress and puts me in a great mood. The quality has been all over the map over the past few years, but this batch takes the cake. Excellent flower. THANK YOU!

  133. Mark Anderson

    This stuff seems to be pretty popular, no suprise, its awesome! A great sativa. 10/10

  134. thetrashheap

    This is one I buy over and over. Great daytime smoke.

  135. Blairc

    By far my favorite strain in a long time I always get some when I order it it never disappoints


    It is a delightful blend of…..never mind this stuff just rocks. It’s the best.
    I’m no Connasuier but this one is a winner


    This strain works on my pain but doesny leave me feeling dopey. I will be placing another order for this stuff

  138. Chill174

    Always the go to daytime winner

  139. mkcm1966

    This is really nice strain. Tastes amazing. Smells amazing burns vapes awesome. I use it for stress anxiety and chronic pain. Fills up my kief catcher the way we’d supposed to

  140. Marco

    Good smoke for a freebie

  141. Daneeyllag

    Great classic sativa

  142. Chill174

    Old school awesome

  143. thetrashheap

    My favorite Sativa.

  144. Courtney Dinney

    Excellent buzz

  145. dankmommy

    I feel like I get some of this strain every time I make an order, it’s just such a great sativa! great price too

  146. Chill174

    Classic awesome strain. Too much and it’s naptime tho…

  147. RocknRoll

    After first trying this strain, it’s now become a staple in the collection…

  148. Krista Hjorleifson

    Adding to my reorders, perfect strain

  149. Kara Gerlock

    I love this ATF. Such a nice high, one of my favorites

  150. Dylanj420

    Good stuff and also only if they still had Lemon cookies. That’s stuff was good. It was made or Came from Lemon OG & Girl Scout Cookies. So could say that’s the parents. Get more of these stuff

  151. Sherry Stasiuk

    Awesome high for me!

  152. Jenny

    This strain is a classic for me. I really enjoy it and it’s a great pick when you don’t know what you’re in the mood for.

  153. Tim Hunter

    One of our favorite…Great!!

  154. cudqyf-cAkzev-6zakny

    Great daytime sativa! But beware, too big a spliff and liftoff! Nice tight citrusy goodness

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