What is Budder?

Budder is a cannabis concentrate with a consistency like cake frosting. It’s neither solid nor liquid. It’s a bit thicker than peanut butter with a somewhat waxy texture. Budder is popular for a variety of reasons, including that it can be extremely high in THC (between 80-90%), but most importantly, it retains many of the terpenes found in marijuana. This means that it still has the delicious flavors and aromas that you would associate with premium, top-shelf flower. Budder is generally considered the most flavorful of concentrates by cannabis connoisseurs.

How is Budder Made?

Budder is made using a solvent, like butane or CO2, to extract the cannabinoids from the marijuana flower. The solvent is blasted through the cannabis, the extract is collected, and then the solvent is purged from the extract using a combination of heat and air pressure. The extract, during this process, is also agitated. Eventually, the cannabinoids start to crystalize, and this is what we call budder.

Because of how budder is made, it is also considered clean. There are tests that rate budder with a purity level of over 99%. This is likely because budder doesn’t contain solvents, toxins, mold, metals, or other factors that could affect its cleanliness. A clean cannabis concentrate leads to a more pleasant experience when consuming it—you only taste the cannabis’s unique terpene profile (provided the tools you use are also clean).

Finally, at a glance, some cannabis newbies confuse budder with crumble, but there’s no confusing the actual texture of the two products. Crumble is dry and powdery, and budder is thick and moist.

How Do You Consume Budder?

In addition to topping a cone or bowl already packed with ground cannabis, budder can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Ultimately, the best way to consume budder is going to be the way that you prefer it, but here are a few ways cannabis enthusiasts prefer to experience their budder:

Dabbing: This method is easily the most popular way to consume concentrates in general, but especially budder. You do need to have a dab rig and dab tool. You scoop up a bit of the budder and place it on the nail. Heat the budder and consume.

Pro-tip: For the best flavor with your dab rig, consider using a quartz nail. This doesn’t interfere with the terpenes and mess with the flavor of your marijuana.

Vaporizing: There are a variety of vaporizers available on the market to purchase, some more sophisticated than others. The process is similar to dabbing but can be a little easier because of the tool itself. You load the budder into the vaporizer and, when the budder is heated (around 300 degrees), it will turn into a vapor that you can inhale.

Pipes: While water pipes (also called “bongs”) are typically the most preferred pipe to use when consuming budder, you can use just about any type of pipe. You place the budder on the bowl and light it. As the budder vaporizes, you can inhale it. Just a note: marijuana flower is easier to light than budder because budder has a higher melting point. Be sure to take your time and be patient.

Cannabis infusions: Budder can be used for edibles, but typically, people who are looking for budder want the rich flavors from the terpenes. Adding budder to an edible defeats this purpose.