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A cannabis extract is a sort of cannabis concentrate. It is the result of the extraction process, which removes all of the cannabinoids from the plant materials. The cannabis extract is then separated into various sorts and forms so that it may be ingested in a variety of ways. Shatters, hash, distillates, oils, wax, live resins, and tinctures are some of the most prevalent extracts on the market today.

We are the United States leading online marijuana dispensary because we provide a wide variety of high-quality goods at the most competitive pricing. Our extracts, in particular, will allow you to experiment with a variety of cannabis consumption methods, whether you like the energetic and uplifting benefits of Sativa or the soothing and tranquil qualities of Indica. If you’re new to extracts, our specialists can provide you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of these incredible products.

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Lisa MetcalfLisa Metcalf
13:09 02 Jul 23
I'm from Marshall NC. We came to Branson on a short get away and have been to Greenlight 4 times now. The people there love their job! They are very friendly and knowledgeable! You are never rushed! They want you to be satisfied with what you are buying and they want to make sure that tou have all the information you need to make your selections. Best dispensary I've ever been to! Reasonably priced!
James WinchesterJames Winchester
14:29 01 Jul 23
Quality tenders with a bit of knowledge. Had faulty product, verified and exchanged with upgrade faster than actual purchase.Popular items tend to run out fast! Stop in and take a look around.ID required to be inside.Accessories available.
Ann WireyAnn Wirey
00:44 06 Jun 23
In and out. Menu's are available at kiosks while you are in line. Line moves quickly, expert Bud Tenders are available to help with your selections or questions. Very clean, great selections.
mike smike s
11:21 15 May 23
Was in town last week and visited the store. The space was awesome a lot of cool product. Location was great too. I had a bunch of questions and I got a bunch of helpful answers from the employee Daniel Smith. He was very kind and considerate and very knowledgeable about this store. So when you visit I highly recommend getting assistance from Daniel he will be able to help you out.
The PunisherThe Punisher
14:02 11 Apr 23
Well organized and customer service has lots of knowledge over the products. Debit card accepted or ATM In the location. Plenty of parking.


Hash is widely regarded as the original cannabis concentrate, and  All  Bud Supply is pleased to provide you with the greatest hash available online. Buying hash online in the US has never been easier, and we provide the most inexpensive and high-quality items available.

Whether you want to buy Moroccan and Afghani hash online or want to experiment with other new wave concentrates, HighClub is here for you and always assures the finest quality and most inexpensive goods on the market.

Budder & Wax

Budder is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates, thanks to its incredibly creamy consistency. The texture of weed budder is soft, smooth, and malleable. It sits somewhere between a sappy oil and the snappy consistency of a shatter. Budder is typically produced with solvents, like butane or CO2, which is then completely evaporated in a final purge. The resulting cannabis budder is clean, pure, and potent.

Buy budder online in the United States with our extensive premium selections available now!