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We are devoted to providing the most cleanest and most effective premium cannabis concentrates.


All Bud Supply (A.B.S.) is one of the leading marijuana online shops in the United States. Our goal is to supply you with high-quality cannabis products at reasonable costs. Allbudsupply makes it simple and secure to buy marijuana online, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your order will be delivered to your door swiftly and without difficulty!

Every product at AllbudSupply has been carefully selected with you in mind. We have what you need, whether you require cannabis for medical causes or top grade items for recreational usage! We sell cannabis flower strains (including high-quality indicas, sativas, and hybrids), edibles, concentrates (hashish, shatter, sauce, kief), tinctures, CBD products, vape pens, magic mushrooms, DMT, and more.

We maintain the highest levels of devotion and dedication to our valued consumers. Your pleasure is extremely important to us, which is why we continue to focus on offering exceptional product quality, excellent customer service, and competitive prices to the cannabis community.

Check out some of our featured marijuana products on sale below:

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Lisa MetcalfLisa Metcalf
13:09 02 Jul 23
I'm from Marshall NC. We came to Branson on a short get away and have been to Greenlight 4 times now. The people there love their job! They are very friendly and knowledgeable! You are never rushed! They want you to be satisfied with what you are buying and they want to make sure that tou have all the information you need to make your selections. Best dispensary I've ever been to! Reasonably priced!
James WinchesterJames Winchester
14:29 01 Jul 23
Quality tenders with a bit of knowledge. Had faulty product, verified and exchanged with upgrade faster than actual purchase.Popular items tend to run out fast! Stop in and take a look around.ID required to be inside.Accessories available.
Ann WireyAnn Wirey
00:44 06 Jun 23
In and out. Menu's are available at kiosks while you are in line. Line moves quickly, expert Bud Tenders are available to help with your selections or questions. Very clean, great selections.
mike smike s
11:21 15 May 23
Was in town last week and visited the store. The space was awesome a lot of cool product. Location was great too. I had a bunch of questions and I got a bunch of helpful answers from the employee Daniel Smith. He was very kind and considerate and very knowledgeable about this store. So when you visit I highly recommend getting assistance from Daniel he will be able to help you out.
The PunisherThe Punisher
14:02 11 Apr 23
Well organized and customer service has lots of knowledge over the products. Debit card accepted or ATM In the location. Plenty of parking.


Huge Selection with Affordable Pricing

A huge collection of United States finest Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, cannabis concentrates, weed edibles, and other marijuana accessories  has to offer, all of the finest quality and cheap prices.

Easy to Order Weed Online

Simply add products to your cart and checkout to place your order and create an account with AllBudSupply. It’s as simple as that. We only ship to aged 19+ and only ship within the States.

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Enjoy fast shipping with USPS, UPS & DHL on all orders, which usually takes only 1-2  business  days Within the States, plus get free shipping on all orders over $250.

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No wonder they call us the Best Online Dispensary in the United States.  provides huge discounts on our products while offering massive discount codes to help you SAVE more.



Hash is the dried and squeezed resin from the cannabis plant that is crushed into little blocks for consumption. It frequently includes greater quantities of THC and other cannabinoids than unsifted or unprocessed cannabis flower. You may buy your favorite hash kind or mix and match from our large assortment in 1/2 oz., 4 gram, and 5 gram packs. Hash may be ingested in a variety of methods, including smoking it in a pipe, bong, vaporizer, or joints. You may also enjoy it by consuming it with a fatty meal or snack. All Bud Supply delivers the most extensive range of high-quality marijuana products in the form you want. Our product range and online ordering system have been designed to meet your demands and budget while also providing you with the best value for your money.

Buy Budder & Wax Online At All Bud Supply

Budder is a famous cannabis concentrate due to its very creamy smoothness. Weed budder has a soft, silky, and flexible texture. It’s a cross between sappy oil and the sharp consistency of shatter. Budder is commonly created using solvents such as butane or CO2, which are then entirely evaporated in a final purge. The resultant cannabis budder is pure, clean, and powerful.

Buy budder online in the United States from our comprehensive premium options, which are now accessible.

Buy Magic Mushrooms

Take a trip into your subconscious mind to obtain a psychedelic experience without the negative effects. Our Magic Mushrooms merchandise is completely organic and safe. Our magic mushrooms’ ecstatic experience has the potential to stimulate good transformation in people’s lives. We provide a large range of dry, edible, and capsule-form magic mushrooms. All Bud Supply’s excellent after-sales customer care ensures your complete satisfaction.


Indica has traditionally been used to heal both physical and mental ailments. It’s ideal if you want a suitable calming solution as well as an effective treatment for chronic pain, loss of appetite, and even depression. It is our responsibility to identify the greatest Indica strains available so that you may find a solution to your own problems. The major component is CBD, which works exceptionally well in alleviating many of the symptoms stated. Browse our selection to get cannabis online, including the best Indica strains. Don’t worry; they’ve all been thoroughly vetted and handled to provide the most benefit and enjoyment.


All Bud Supply is still one of the greatest places to get the best Sativa. We have been offering the greatest strains of this type throughout Canada for over ten years, all to ensure that our clients discover what they desire and are completely satisfied. Our online marijuana dispensary carefully picks its products based on their potency and healthy properties. When you shop with AllbudSupply, you can’t go wrong. If you choose products with a greater THC content, the rest of your day will be delightfully energized, creative, and efficient.


Our online dispensary delivers Hybrid variations that are precisely what you imagine. They are hybrid strains that may be utilized as both a medicine and a recreational product. This cannabis combines the advantages of Indica (rejuvenation, relaxation, and relief) with Sative (energy, enthusiasm, and productivity). You are free to make your own decision. Fortunately, there are other Hybrid choices available, each with its own set of advantages. You may also seek assistance from professionals who understand what each variety performs. Don’t be concerned about the quality; all of these strains are of the highest caliber.